Social Media Analytics from HootSuite

I’ve been using HootSuite for a year or so, and it’s a vital tool for my social media monitoring.

I monitor HootSuite all day

It is so key that I have a dedicated monitor for HootSuite, so I can stay on top of Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and more.

But I was neglecting one of the most powerful aspects of tool until I chatted about it with Jaxon Lam, Affiliate & Search Specialist at HootSuite, during Affiliate Summit West 2013.

He encouraged me to set up some of the analytics reports, and I wish I’d been doing this long ago.

I’m mining some great data now, and it’s really helpful to have it all in one interface.

There are some pre-set reports on Facebook Insights, Google Analytics and more, as well as the ability to select a variety of data with custom reports.

I’d highly recommend the analytics from HootSuite for anybody who is managing social media accounts.

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