Valentine’s Day Opportunities for Affiliates

Rakuten LinkShare has shared online shopping data on consumer Valentine’s Day purchasing behaviors that can help affiliates develop more targeted and strategic campaigns.

HeartA recent study by Forrester Consulting, in conjunction with Rakuten LinkShare, found that consumers visit an average of 2.7 sites before making an online purchase.

The data also revealed that the top three sales categories for the years 2010-2012 were luxury items, jewelry and flowers.

And the highest overall sales spike across these top three categories occurs from February 6-10 with February 8 being the day with the highest peak, on average, in online sales.

The National Retail Federation reports that consumers spent an estimated $17.6 billion last year on Valentine’s Day and twenty percent of those purchases were made online.

I could see leads for online dinner reservations being strong for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, and other holidays where lots of people go out to eat.

I was looking at whether OpenTable could be a good option (that’s how I reserved a table for Valentine’s Day dinner), but they are not accepting U.S. affiliates at this time.

OpenTable affiliate program

Maybe restaurant gift cards or daily deals leads could work out, too.

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